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Rogue Rocket Fuel

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 Rocket Fuel was designed for the grower who enjoys a fast draining and lighter medium. Based on growers grade Manitoban long fiber peat, Rocket Fuel is one of the best indoor and greenhouse blends on the market today. To make sure there is an instant punch of nitrogen available, we use a blast of powdered calcium nitrate. Rocket Fuel allows the farmer to transplant, water plants as needed, relax, and leave the Outlaw flying to us the first couple of weeks. 

Rogue Farmer

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 The Rogue Farmer blend was our first creation, and once grown in, it is easy to see how our quality inputs and attention to detail have built our rock solid reputation. The capillary flow created by this blend allows for unparalleled oxygenation and nutrient uptake creating a new industry standard. The flow of oxygen and nutrients coupled with the outrageous biological diversity in this blend creates our super-storm of goodness. 

Additional Blends & Bulk Soil

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Find out more about other blends from Rogue Soil and bulk quantities such as 2 Yard totes and truckload delivery.  Rogue Soil boasts a mean line-up of variety like their Launch Pad, Hard Coir, & Hard Coir Charged!