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Main Fertilizers


From beginner to expert, Bio Nova offers a fertilizer regime for any level of experience.  Hydroponics to soil, The Basic Way, The Dedicated Way, & The Professional Way are the three levels of input to choose from.  

Bio Nova's Main Fertilizer line:

Nutri Forte A&B, Coco Forte A&B, Soil-Super MIx, Hydro-Super Mix, NFT Aqua-Super Mix, LongFlower-SuperMix, & AutoFlower-SuperMix. 



Enhance your garden with Bio Nova's Stimulators.  Adding specific stimulators such as BN-Zyme will help to stimulate the water retaining ability of your medium  and decreases the soil-tension of water, which enables a quicker and better penetration of water into the medium.  Check out other Stimulators from Bio Nova: 

The Silution, BN X-ceL, The Missing Link, BN Roots, BN-Zyme, VitaSol, FreeFlow, MicroLife, NovaFoliar, & SprayMix.

BioNova Grow products



Bio Nova offers a stout line-up of Macro and Micro Nutrients in stand alone form.  Dial in your garden regime with Bio Nova's Mineral inputs.

Minerals include:

PK 13-14, 12-8-11 N-P2O5K2O, N 27, P 20, K 20, Ca 15, MgO 10, MIcroMIx, PH-, PH+, CitricAcid, & ProfiMix.

About Bio Nova


Since the beginning of the 1990s, Bio Nova has been known as a manufacturer of premium fertilizers for all growing and flowering plants. Years of studies and research, combined with practical experience and the deep insights that are gained as a result, have led to unique high-end products . Quality, purity, environmental-friendliness, ease-of-use, high yields and superior end-results are the distinguishing characteristics of these products.

The company’s policy includes maintaining business relationships with external research centres and laboratories. We network with members of the scientific community, whose studies correspond with our interests.

We also maintain contact with the international market for developments and ideas that could lead to better products . And most importantly… we always keep our doors open to customers and invite them to come up with ideas. We listen to their concerns and wishes and respond with products that fulfill their requirements.

The basis for the Bio Nova products encompasses a number of main points. Every line is based on a special application with respect to the cultivation method used.

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